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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

My name is Liisa and I am the writer of this blog. As we all, I am here in the earth plane to complete my purpose in this lifetime. What it actually is, we will fully find out as we keep moving forward. However, this blog is about contemplating life and pondering what's this all about - What could I possibly do to help you and fellow souls to find their purpose in this life time and how can we all together make The Mother Earth more sustainable place for all living beings and value our beautiful ecosystem?

As a short introduction to who am I, let's say that once upon a time, I had a dream of being a successful business woman, so I studied as one. Then nearly 15 years ago I had a dream to own an apartment in particular area in the city of Helsinki in Finland, so I bought one. Until, I realised that actually my dream was to live in Australia and be a rad surfer chick. So, I moved there. Having that apartment in Finland made it a little bit more difficult, so I sold it. In the meanwhile, I was completing another dream in Australia, or shall I say a goal, Master’s Degree in Commerce of Marketing. Eventually that led me having a job of my dreams with the salary I had always dreamed about. However, after all it didn’t make me happy, so I let it go. I followed another dream to become a yoga teacher and it took me to Canada.

Then I had a job I never even dared to dream about and man that was a blast! I found myself working as a Ski and Downhill Bike Patroller with Mountain Safety team in a ski-resort, so I was literally living a dream. As nothing in life is permanent, a few years later I was back in Helsinki teaching yoga at my own yoga studio and that was yet another dream to come true. Is this my final destination? Possibly not. However, I feel that it is about the time to wake up from the dream and start doing what I came here to do for. What, how and where? I am not excatly sure just yet, but all I know is that it's about the time to start spreading the light.

Life is wonderful, and everyone’s dreams are equally important. Everything and everyone are collectively connected. I believe that the most important thing in life is that what can I do to make this planet called Earth to be a little bit of more sustainable place for us to live and breathe, and how can I help the fellow souls in this journey to find their purpose whilst doing a right thing to this beautiful planet. However, before we will be able to help the others and the Mother Earth we need to be in balance within ourselves. We need to live from the heart instead of the brain. We are all collectively in our own journey, following our own path and trying to live our lives the best and fullest we can. It is not always easy with the human mind and ego. We all have struggles, lessons to learn and our own purpose to fill in.

As human beings, we would like to define everything and everyone, put them in a box and think that we know it all, but there is so much more to explore. This journey of exploring starts from the heart, by turning in is the only way to listen and follow our build-in compass that we all have. Only by turning in, makes it possible to stay in your personal power and stay true to yourself. All we need to do is to tune in for a right channel, to the channel of your heart consciousness. The heart is the centre of the body, even though we would like to think it is the brain, and when you start following the inner guidance of your heart you cannot fall off the radar. To get the compass in your heart tuned in, you need a healthy body and peaceful mind. You need to be aware of your body, your mind and your surroundings. You can reach a state of awareness by looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. This includes nutrition, rest, physical and mental exercise and creating healthy boundaries in terms of work-life balance and relationships. All this starts by tuning in, starting to become aware of the inner voice of your body and your heart. The body is intelligent, it can tell us everything we need to know about ourselves, but unfortunately the line is often too busy, and we do not pay attention for the messages what our body is trying to tell us. Yoga, meditation, being in the nature, healthy nutrition, taking a massage, practising any sort of physical or mental exercise, stop over consuming and cutting of the clutter of all sorts, unhealthy habits and relationships will help us to tune in and let our mind, body and heart to connect and became one.

I strongly believe that this starts from body awareness, which will then become a union of the mind, the body and the heart, therefore as heart intelligence. When we start looking after our physical wellbeing and nutrition, we will start working on the subtle levels of the body in our electromagnetic fields too. Heart has a significant role as a pulsating power source in centre of the human body, both physically and metaphysically. The heart’s electromagnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers. It envelops every cell of the body and it is by far the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body, as well as it extends out in all directions into the space around us. Therefore, when we'll be able to reach a state of being where physical body and tradional mind are aligned with the heart intelligence, we will become one within the universal energy.

From my heart to yours with love and kindness,


Photos by Tom Scheid

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