Once upon a time, I had a dream of being a successful business woman, so I studied as one. Then I had a dream to own an apartment in particular area in the city of Helsinki in Finland, so I bought one. Until, I realised that actually my dream was to live in Australia and be a rad surfer chick. Therefore, I moved there. Having the apartment in Finland made things a little bit more stressful, so I sold it. In the meanwhile, I was completing another dream in Australia, or shall I say a goal, Master’s Degree in Commerce of Marketing. Eventually that led me having a job of my dreams with the salary I had always dreamed about.  


After all, this didn't bring me happiness, so I let the job go and followed another dream to become a yoga teacher, which took me to Canada. Where I ended up having a job I never even dared to dream about and man that was a blast! I found myself working as Ski and Downhill Bike Patroller, so I was literally living a dream. As nothing in life is permanent, a few years later I was back in Helsinki teaching yoga at my own yoga studio, SHALA Helsinki, and that was yet another dream to come true. Was this my final destination? No, not at all! It was another incredible cycle of events pushing me through some serious self-transformation. Funnily enough circle is now closed and I am living in Lappeenranta, which is my home town originally.


Well, as you may have read between the lines, I have been moving a lot. I have always been a performer, even perfectionist, pushing myself to the limits to learn and achieve new things. A lot of times I have been constantly living outside of my comfort zone. Some people could also call it restlessness. Since a kid I have always been very intuitive, and clairvoyant. Until I learned what it was, it surely confused me, made me restless and even somewhat insecure. 


Yoga and meditation have always been my way to seek balance and inner peace. Over the years spiritual journey evolved and now that I know myself being an empath and clairvoyant I realise that it is rather blessing than burden. I just need to have enough down time to let the body and the mind to nurture and restore from a constant stimulus of outside world, therefore stay empowered and aligned within my inner-self.


Through my own experiences I have learned to stand in my power, follow my intuition and listen to the wisdom of my heart. I wish to channel this through my work as well. I believe that it is about the time to wake up from the dream and start doing what I came here to do for: Spread the light and hold a space for transformation towards the positive change in the world one person at the time. I am looking forward to cross the paths with you!


I started my yoga teacher path with Satu Tuomela & Ramesh Tarun Narine and completed first 200 Hours of Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training in 2013. Currently I am studying towards RYT-500 and will also become Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist with Tiffany Cruikshank / Yoga Medicine.


First aid training and work in practice as Ski and Downhill Bike Patroller with Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Canada has given me deeper understanding of human body and how to prevent and recover from injuries. I have completed Non-Urban Emergency Care 3 (NUEC 3) & Advanced Protocol Training Program (AP) with Peak Emergency Response Training by amazing teachers: Shauna Speers and Melissa Huntley.


My mentor for healing and spiritual growth is Pia Pohjola from Valmennus Versopuu, with whom I have studied and will continue to practice self development, spiritual coaching and intuitive healing. There are also a lot of other people in my spiritual path who have had influence to my work. Just to mention a few, Annika Witting has been my inspiration for Young Living Essential Oils and Susan Hedman from Olemus is the person to whom I go when I need guidance to deepen my connection to my own soul wisdom.

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- Yogi Bhajan -








EMAIL: liisa.laine@gmail.com

PHONE: 040 580 2085

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