This is where I come from

I am a 43-year-young woman from Finland. I have been working with myself for two decades, trying to master the best version of myself. It has been a wild ride. I have hit rock bottom and lost everything. Yet I have been living and breathing with every cell of my being, and gratitude has been the most significant resource to keep myself resilient.

Over the years, I have hogged self-help books, studied psychology and participated in different courses, workshops, healing and training modalities, all over the world, in-person and online. I have also been through psychotherapy for a couple of years and healed myself piece by piece. It has taken the time and a lot of shadow work. Slowly, but surely  I have gotten to know myself inside out. I know I am not the only one, and that's why I am here to help you so that you can take a shortcut and avoid some pitfalls. 

How can I help you?

One thing I have understood through my own experience is that we will never arrive, it is going to be a lifelong journey. Our purpose is to make it the best one possible. We are here not to suffer life long, but to live to the fullest and flourish. I will help you master the first few steps and give you the tools that will help you to navigate through your journey. 

How do I do it?

I empower women to unlock their feminine power and reach abundance through unconditional love. I help you to recognize unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns. I give you the hands-on tools to stop repeatedly looping in the past and start creating the life of your dreams. I guide you to turn your obstacles into resources that will magnify your power. You will become an alchemist of your abundance. 

My Story

I have always been a dreamer but also a doer.

Once upon a time, more than 20 years ago. I dreamed of being a successful businesswoman, so I studied as one and worked my way up to a 6-digit yearly salary. I had a dream to own an apartment in a fancy area of Helsinki. So, I took a leap of faith with a huge mortgage and bought one.

Then I realized that actually, my dream was to live in Australia. Therefore, I moved there. I wanted to be a rad surfer chick. So I started surfing. The apartment in Finland made life away from my native country a little more challenging, so I sold it. At the same time, I was completing another dream in Australia, or shall I say a goal, a Master’s Degree in Commerce of Marketing. Eventually, that led me to have the job of my dreams with the salary I had always dreamed of. However, I learned that money does not compensate for burnout, so I let the job go.

I followed yet another dream to become a yoga teacher. That took me to Canada. Where I had a job I never even dared to dream about, and that was a blast! I found myself working as Ski and Downhill Bike Patroller, so I was living a dream. As nothing in life is permanent, after a few years, I was back in Helsinki teaching yoga at my yoga studio, and that was a dream to come true. Was this my final destination? No, not at all. Can you already see a pattern here?


I have always been moving fast, taking big jumps and leaps of faith, which has allowed me to have amazingly incredible life experiences. However, it has also been very exhausting. I have been running away from my roots and essence of myself. I have tried to fit myself into a box of a good girl.

As a result, I ended up in some toxic or go-dependant relationships in all areas of life, therefore conflicts within the inner and outer world. Not being able to stand in my power and set up healthy boundaries emotionally, financially, or workwise eventually led me to total burnout and depression, followed by bankruptcy, which forced me to face my shadows from eye to eye.

The deeper I went, the more I realized that I was repeatedly going around the same loops in my life, but the consequences just got bigger in each round. I thought I had already gone through my traumas. However, I learned that it was just the first layers of it, and I had to go even deeper to the core to recognize the triggers and understand the root reason of thought and belief patterns to let them go. It is a painful process, yet such a rewarding process. I have been crying, screaming, and just sitting in silence with my emotions. I have been working it through with a psychotherapist for a couple of years. I had to lose everything and do it the hard way to make the change, but I now want to help you take a shortcut.



Understanding that most of us live on autopilot and have some traumas was a moment of crystallization to me. The trauma does not necessarily need to be an overly dramatic or life-threatening experience to cause mental and emotional blocks that trigger some thought and behavioral patterns. It can be something like a childhood friend leaving us down or embarrassing us in public. It's always emotion in the body that gets triggered through some stimulus. The worst thing is that we do not even know that we are operating on autopilot, and our emotions will take over. Therefore cause some bad choices or unnecessary drama in our lives.

When we learn to recognize our patterns and triggers, we can take control of our life instead of floating around in the emotional sea on autopilot. Feminine energy will help us meet ourselves and others with compassion. When you love yourself unconditionally, you can unapologetically stand in your power and be who you are without trying to be a chameleon and adjust to the illusion the world around has created for you. I think it's time to stop dreaming and start doing what I came here to do: Empower women to unlock their feminine power and reach abundance in all areas of life.

Our Team 

We live as we preach.

Liisa Laine
Creator, CEO & Business Owner
Directing the business, creating content, coaching and helping clients.

Ida Laine
Account & Project Manager
Coordinating the business and managing the processes.

Mathilda Isaksson
Marketing and Sales
Coordinating social media marketing and sales.

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