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First YouTube Video - Imperfectly perfect first time❣️

Apr 22, 2022

Hello, One and All,

I am thrilled to share that I have started a brand-new YouTube - channel. So here is my very first video on my YouTube channel where I am talking about perfectionism and how it can hold us back from doing things. Putting myself out there and making the first video has been a moment like that to me, and that's why I am now sharing the unprepared, unedited, and completely freestyled first one with you to start. It's a friendly reminder to all of us: it's not about making things perfect, but taking the first step is crucial. Dear friends, you have to start from somewhere!

In this channel, I encourage people to recognize unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns, give them some hands-on tools to stop repeatedly looping in the past, and inspire them to create the life of their dreams. I will be sharing discussions, practices, and free coaching sessions over the channel, so if self-development, mindset reset, and holistic wellbeing are something that resonates with you, please subscribe and give me thumbs up❣️

Watch the video from here ♥️

I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful and inspiring.

With love,

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