Spiritual Bypassing - What is it?

May 12, 2022

G'day, lovelies, I have wanted to talk about this topic for a long time, and I know it can share opinions and bring up emotions, which is OK as everyone has the right to their point of view. In this video, I share my two cents based on my insights and experiences in life and my spiritual path.

Everyone's experience and how they reflect on the world are unique and are always based on a person's current level of consciousness. There is no right and wrong way to see and experience things. In this video, I share my vision based on my insights and experiences on the spiritual path. 

I find this an important topic because there is a chance to drink the kool-aid if we are unaware of our belief system and deep-seated root reason for our behavioral patterns once we awaken spiritually. The human mind is a master of delusions and stories, and sometimes it can also do tricks in the name of spirituality. Spiritual bypassing is a vast spread topic, and I will possibly do another video to continue with this theme, but here is something I want to highlight in regards to my coaching also.

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Watch the video from here ♥️

I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful and inspiring.

With love,



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