It's All About Love

Mar 11, 2022

I started a podcast, and here is my first episode in the written version if you like reading more than listening. What is this podcast about? It's ALL ABOUT LOVE. And, I invite you to learn and investigate more profound levels of your essence, love, and joy. Together, we explore content and enjoy conversations around mastering unconditional love to awaken a deeper understanding of oneself. Therefore create abundance in all areas of life.


What is love?

♡ Love is the essence of our being.

♡ Love is creativity.

♡ Love is personal power.

♡ Love is self-worth.

♡ Love is freedom.

♡ Love is peace.

♡ Love is self-confidence.

♡ Love is a success.

♡ Love is a healthy relationship.

♡ Love is the most important source of energy that keeps the world running.


Love, Sweet, Unconditional Love

All my life, I have been lacking self-love. On some level, I haven't been able to love myself enough that I would have stood my ground or that I would have believed that I am worthy of great things. I have had severe problems receiving, and I have blocked my abundance. I have ended up in codependent relationships. I had let people walk over me when I was running a business as an entrepreneur, and I was pleasing people and obsessionally performing in my professional career to earn respect.

Let me tell you why it happened? It happened because my biggest fear was conflict. Fear was real, and there was a constant thread of faith in personal and business life. However, I lacked the courage to stand up and defend myself. I lacked unconditional self-love and worthiness. Deep down, I didn't believe I was worthy of great things. And, when there was a thread of collision, I just wanted to fly, not fight. I was willing to carry everyone else's mental and financial responsibilities as long as I didn't need to enter into a conflict. Tell you what, I paid a massive price for it. I still am paying for it. I ended up losing everything financially, and I seriously burned myself out.

If we operate our life from a state of fear instead of love, we are constantly in that panic mode, just surviving and reacting instead of living and being proactive. If we want to blossom and flourish, we need unconditional love, kindness, and compassion around us, therefore people who radiate this energy. We need an open line of communication in a safe environment where we can express ourselves honestly from the heart even if we disagree with things. All of this begins from within, and it's a direct reflection of how we treat ourselves.

I believe that the most violent way of mental abuse is ignorance. If we cancel each other and entirely ignore their feelings, thoughts, and even physical presence, that can be very traumatizing, and I am afraid this is happening a lot. However, can we see reflections of the self; Do we ignore our feelings? Do we push our emotions away instead of openly showing them? Are we expressing our truth? Are we faithful to ourselves?

Here is another question; How does it make you feel? It doesn't feel enjoyable. Frigging horrible! So how can we then manifest healthy relationships, a fair working environment, or successful business? How can we attract great people in our life without going around the same loops time after time? The answer is the same; It's all about love, and it all starts within. You can only love and treat people around you unconditionally once you master kindness and compassion towards yourself. Often we are the harshest on ourselves, but we still lay our demands and conditions on others too; I will love you if you do this, I will help you if in return you'll love me, and so on. That is conditional love; if it is love at all, most likely it's an exchange.


Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

Unconditional love is not expecting anything back as it will give from the heart. It might seem that only naive people would operate this way, but listen, you will see that if you manage to level up and enter into the energy of unconditional love, the world around you is about to change. It may mean that people or circumstances will change, or it can be that some people will go, or you will change your job or direction in life. Who knows, but you will see once you take a leap of faith and trust in your heart's wisdom. You can create an abundant life by leveling up with yourself and unlocking your feminine power; you can crack the code of romantic love, wealth, and health with the same tool bag. I talk a lot about feminine and masculine; however, it's not the same as female and male roles that society has labeled on us. It's about energy.

We all have masculine and feminine qualities, and we thrive from those energies, whereas either one can be more dominant despite the gender. The masculine energy is stable and more predictable. Its strengths are willpower, clarity, and focus. The masculine energy likes to create structures and rules; it is logical. The feminine energy is dynamic and flowing. Its strengths are creativity, intuition, healing and nurturing, and being receptive. The feminine energy is unrestricted by the social norms; it follows guidance from the heart. The masculine energy is like knowledge, whereas the feminine is knowing. We need both and preferably in balance. If we only run from the masculine, we may end up on the toxic side of things, whereas if we only run from the feminine, we may chill the fuck out in our bubble and can't get things done. Balance is the keyword.

I have achieved a lot, and I have pushed through the rocks and been successful; however, it hasn't brought long-term happiness to me. I have always thriven more on masculine energy, and no wonder I have had problems receiving as I have suppressed all my emotions and feelings. I have been logical, rational, and pushed forward towards the goals. I haven't allowed myself to pause and rest, nurture and digest in between. I haven't been allowed unconditional self-love; therefore, I haven't received unconditional love from outside either. So I have been just pushing more, doing more, and achieving more to earn love and respect. I always thought you have to prove you are worth it; however, it's everyone's birthright. Everybody should be loved unconditionally, matter where they come from, whether they have been born to a wealthy, middle-class, or low-income family.



Love is Love

I know it's not so black and white, but every one of us can have it all according to the quantum world and the law of abundance. The mindset is the starting point, which you can change. Neuroscientific research state this for a fact, and it happens by re-setting our neural pathways on the pre-frontal cortex. Next, we must align our physical body and every cell of our being with the mind. As if how hard we are trying to manifest abundance and change our thought and behavioral patterns (neuro-pathways), it won't happen if we don't feel it in our body or do not honestly believe it in our mind. Our disbeliefs are most likely trauma-related, meaning they live in our physical bodies. Trauma reaction is always emotions felt in the body that will trigger through a stimulus. Feelings become trigger's when the body recognizes similar emotions rising in any situation. We will talk more about the traumas later in the following episodes, but I want to highlight that trauma doesn't always mean a life-threatening event in the past. It can be anything that makes us feel discomfort in a particular situation or life event, and if those feelings cannot get released from the body, they bottle up. When we learn to recognize the root reasons and process our trauma, we can break free from them and align with the physical body, mind, and soul. It is the state of being where the magic happens, and we will be able to resonate in the frequency of love and abundance.

Love is the force and source that will level up your energy and, therefore, your life. We rise by lifting others! Personal power is not only for the few, but we all have access to it. Let's do this together. After all, it's all about love.

With Loving Kindness,




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