Breach as You Teach

Mar 23, 2022


Sometimes we compare ourselves to others, for example, in social media, and we want to create that image that we are having a time and living a life, but are we?


Mirror, mirror, on the wall..

We tend to mirror ourselves through the external world and compare ourselves to the images we follow through social media. We want to be more like this person or that person, and we admire their life. Let's be honest here; behind every image is a vulnerable person with real-life events. We all have our insecurities to face, our obstacles to overcome, and we are all humans with the mind, body, and soul trying to do our best in this life.

Even though I'm thrilled about the cool things I have been blessed to do with some great people for the first few months of 2022, my heart is full of worry. I have been worried about my parents for the last couple of weeks. Is my training ever going to take off? Have I fucked my relationship with someone I love because of my neediness and insecurities? Who the heck am I, and what should I do with my life? The authentic mirroring happens in our closest relationships, and if we are open to it instead of denial, we can learn so much from ourselves through our loved ones. We can get stuck with building that image of ourselves and become blind to stories we are telling ourselves so that we do not realize what's happening in real life. I have just come into the crystallization of my unhealthy behavioral patterns that I thought I had processed and worked through, but I caught myself looping in the past again. I am so grateful to my partner, who reflected all this to me, and I can see crystal clear where my triggers step into a place, and I start running on autopilot instead of being in control of what I am doing. I know that I cannot control anything in the end but my mindset. Nor can I not change the world or transform my relationships before I reset my inner world.

I have learned so much from myself and become aware of some shadow aspects that are freaking painful to face. However, I know it's the only way to level up and become a better version of myself. It's time to cut off the loops I keep repeating and breach as I teach. Therefore first, build that boss lady self-confidence in me what I'm encouraging others to make through my training. That's why I want to keep my presence online as authentic as possible.


Choose yourself, darling!

It's about the choice every day. It's about you, me, us choosing our life, partner, children, career, job, pets, passions, dreams, hobbies, and in other words, ourselves again and again and again, every single day! It's about commitment and focuses; where do we want to put our energy into. It's about the choice, and it's about the mindset. And, most importantly, it's all about ourselves! Sounds selfish? No, it's not. If you don't choose yourself, anyone else will either. When you are first aware of your own internal world, it will be a lot easier to interact with the outside world.

Stop reading this for a while, and take a moment to digest the following; How are you today? How do you feel when you pause, take some time and sit in stillness without the phone or any other external stimulus? What are the thoughts and emotions coming to the surface? How does your body feel? Is there any aching, or do you think your energy is flowing freely? What's traveling through your mind? Are their your thoughts or maybe someone else's? Are they true, or just an illusion of the mind? What's the story you are telling yourself? Who are you? What's your reflection of yourself, an image you wish to reflect on the outside world? Is the external image real? Is that you? Is it in alignment with your inner world and your soul?

Pause now. Take a deep breath and let yourself ground down. Take a moment or a few in silence and ponder some of the above questions. You can also do some journaling after taking a moment to revisit yourself. Have you chosen this life? Are you living it to the fullest potential?


Take Control of Your Life

Only you have control of your mind, feelings, and therefore your life. It's up to you to commit to yourself and choose your life daily; if you do not, why would anyone else choose you and treat you with loving-kindness? Our inner world is a direct reflection of our outer world. We tend to draw the things, people, and circumstances into our lives that reflect our energy; therefore, we can get a direct reflection and elevate if we are receptive. What we radiate around is what we attract towards us. We live through a physical form in the 3D world. However, we are still collectively connected to the quantum world at an energetic level and part of universal principles through the food we eat, thoughts we think, emotions we feel, and actions we take. The entertainment (TV programs, newspapers, radio shows, social media, magazines, etc.) we consume it's all energy, and it influences our state of being. It can lower or raise our vibration, which will impact our thoughts and emotions, therefore our life. Even matter, in the end, is energy, just in a different form. It's all about quantum physics.

Let's recap this. We live here on Earth as human beings. However, we are still energetic beings and part of the universal collective field. We are individuals, but we are still collectively connected through this quantum field, which cannot be seen through the eye but can be felt in the body as emotions. The human body is a wise and complex unit of life force. Therefore, the energy we consume will radiate around. According to the law of energy, like attracts like. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another. We can become conscious of this and shift our energy by our choices in life. The better we feel and look after ourselves, the more we can face people around us with compassion and affect their lives positively. This is very important to understand, and this is why resetting our mindset will directly impact our external world. Taking responsibility for ourselves and learning to recognize our subconscious belief patterns driving our thoughts and actions on auto-pilot will make it possible to understand our loved ones from a state of unconditional love.


*Loving-Kindness Disclaimer*

However, let's clarify something here, just in case. When I'm talking about understanding someone and loving one from a state of unconditional love, I am not encouraging anyone to accept any toxic behavior or bullying in the name of unconditional love, not at all. In any circumstances like that, it's essential to recognize this sort of behavior and, again, choose yourself! Please know that you are worthy of being treated well and with loving-kindness.


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