Unlock Your Feminine Power and Reach Abundance through Unconditional Love.

Alchemy of Abundance training modality helps you unlock your feminine power and build unstoppable self-confidence. You will be given hands-on tools with professional guidance to support your journey through the transformation process. You will learn how to break free from limiting beliefs holding you back from showing up to yourself. You will have a support network of fellow females. And last but not least, you will put the proven tools into practice within your inner work.

To whom is this program?

Alchemy of Abundance program is for you who want to take a shortcut in your transformation process and harness your feminine energy to work in your favor. This transformational program is for women who want to uplevel their self-confidence, learn to love themselves unconditionally, and live to their fullest potential.

Alchemy of Abundance program is for you who are facing any of the following obstacles at the moment: 

♡ You have a job that is not in alignment with your soul

♡ You are single and keep attracting unhealthy relationships.

♡ You are in some way toxic relationship, and you are afraid that conflict arises if you dare to be yourself or express yourself honestly.

♡ You are constantly struggling with your monthly expenses no matter how much you work or manifest money or success.

♡ You find it hard to receive money and love.

♡ You do not believe deep down that you are worthy of abundance.

♡ You are looking for a support network of like-minded souls.



How can the Alchemy of Abundance program help you achieve your goal?

To gain the best results and breakthrough of your limiting beliefs, you must commit to the program wholeheartedly. A step-by-step program will involve some shadow work, which helps you unlock your feminine power, up-level your life, and align your soul.

Alchemy of Abundance program will help you to achieve the following in six weeks:

♡ You will break free from limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living abundantly.

♡ You will dig deeper into who are you and find your essence, which allows you to unlock your feminine power and harness it to work in your favor.

♡ You will build a boss lady self-confidence through a practice of unconditional love and magnify abundance with the law of gratitude.

♡ You will get inspired by professional down to earth coaching and the sisterhood of like-minded souls, which will help you to rise and shine in love and life.



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How does this all happen?

Alchemy of Abundance will give you a fast track of what it takes to break through your limiting beliefs and step into your power.

 ♡ Mindset Reset: Abundance is all about awareness and understanding that comes within. A big part of the training modality is to help you to break free from limiting beliefs and build unstoppable self-confidence.

♡ Coaching Program: Six weeks of detailed curriculum, which will invite you to go deeper investigate the essence of your core, therefore unlocking your feminine power and harnessing it to magnify abundance into your life.

♡ Tool's and Method's: Carefully chosen and scientifically proven methods, which I have personally used and worked with to overcome my shadows. I know they will deliver results if you are committed to walking the path and doing the work.

♡ Sisterhood online group: Lifetime membership in the community of like-minded soul sister's over a closed platform.

♡ LIVE Coaching: Monthly group LIVE coaching for members over Zoom.

♡ 1:1 coaching with Liisa: Each member will get a personal 30-min coaching session over Zoom.

♡ Support: Daily support via the online community.


How to get started?

Are you ready to say yes to yourself? If you are willing to let go of limiting beliefs and do the shadow work of what it takes, this program is for you. 

Sign up from a link below and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop a line at [email protected]