empower women to unlock their feminine power and reach abundance through unconditional love.

Learn to recognize unhealthy thoughts and behavioral patterns. Find hands-on tools to stop repeatedly looping in the past and start creating the life of your dreams.

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Flourish with Liisa


Liisa Laine is an Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Energetic Coach and Personal Development Facilitator.

She is the founder of Liisa Laine Lightwork, a company dedicated to helping women to unlock their feminine power and reach abundance in all areas of life.

Liisa is the creator of Alchemy of Abundance Method, a unique personal development modality that uses the principles of positive psychology and energy work to allow people to flourish, and reach abundance through unconditional love.

Liisa has walked the path she is teaching. She stepped out of the society's matrix when she realized that she was pushing through a life that was not in alignment with her soul. Liisa was seriously burnt out and she had to let go of everything; Her company, relationship, health and wealth in order to learn to love herself unconditionally, and believe that she does deserve all of the adundance in the world.

Dare to Do Who You Are, so that You Can Create a Life of Your Dreams

I help women all over the world

I will help people who are committed to take a step towards a more fullfilling life. I will guide one through step by step with proven tools and methods to unlock their feminine power and to magnify the abundance. If you are willing to do the inner work of what it takes, you are in the right place.

Do you wish to meet your significant other but end up in unhealthy relationships?

Are you in some way unhealthy relationship? I help women who are committed to do their own shadow work to step into their power and transform their relationships.

Do you feel like you are missing purpose in your life? Is your life not meaningful?

Are you working in a job that is not in alignment with your soul? I help women who are committed to the change to follow their dreams and live their purpose.

Are you struggling financially no matter how hard you work or manifest abundance?

Are you constantly struggling with your bills? Have you been trying to manifest money without success? I help women to crack the code of abundance through self-worth.

Alchemy of Abundance

Alchemy of Abundance training modality is focusing on method's proven by science and research of positive psychology. I do not want to waste anyone's time by talking about spiritual jargon, rather I intend to give you hands on tools to guide you through the inner work of what it takes to let go of your limiting beliefs. I will help you to explore the woman who you truly are and magnify the power of your feminine energy.

Mindset Reset 

This training modality will use methods and interventions that are proven by research of positive psychology. You will be guided step by step on how to recognize unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns that are holding you back from living a life to its fullest potential.

Magnify The Power of Feminine

Create a boss lady self-confidence with a step by step guided progress. A true boss lady is not supercillious, but so confident that she can let other's rise and shine whilst not putting herself down. She does not need to qualify herself through other's, yet she is both vulnerable and open-hearted.

Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is proven to be (research conducted by psychiatrists) a very magnetic tool for gaining results in the transformation process. When you learn to turn your obstacles into resources you will magnify your power. Therefore, live to the fullest potential and unapologetically do who you are and what you love.

Sisterhood of Fellow Females

Sharing your experiences with others and support from fellow females can be empowering. You will get access to a closed platform to communicate with your sisterhood. The training also includes monthly group LIVE coaching when you have my full support.

What Do Other's Say about Liisa?

Leena, R.

I love Liisa’s grounded touch, which was well conveyed in down-to-earth coaching.

Venla, K.

Liisa has such a natural ability to hold a safe and trustworthy space where you are able to roam free and discover various layers of yourself.

Miriam, L.

Liisa was very professional at all times and she made everyone feel at ease. Her gentle nature was so good and it helped me ease into the course.

Christine, S.

Liisa is not only a great teacher but great individual as well.

Joannie, B.

Liisa's teaching is truly inspirational; She has a great sense of humour, is very kind, compassionate and thoughtful.

Andrea, P.

Liisa is a lovely person with firm yet gentle and soothing approach for leading a practice.

Learn at a pace that suits you

All you need is an internet connection, computer, laptop, tabloid, or smartphone. Then you are good to go whenever and wherever it suits you. You will have unlimited access to the course materials. However, you get the best results if you keep following the weekly schedule and commit to the practice wholeheartedly.


I have created this 6-week training based on my journey from burn-out and depression to flourish. I now help women to take a shortcut in this journey towards abundant life. I will help you to build a boss lady self-confidence whilst overcoming your limiting beliefs. I use methods based on the science of positive psychology and energetic work based on the quantum field.


Ladies, together with supporting each other's, we rise and shine! You will get lifetime access to the community where you can interact and bond with like-minded souls facing the same kind of challenges or sharing similar experiences in life. Personal power is not only for the few, but we all have access to it. We rise by lifting others!


Through my own experience, I know how important it is to have support and interaction in the transformation process. I will support you with a monthly group LIVE coaching, and also, every member will get a personal 30-min coaching session over Zoom. My goal is to make sure you will accomplish the best possible results.

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Get started with the 6-week training. You will learn how to recognize your unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns and why it's such a crucial step while overcoming your limiting beliefs on your journey to flourish and create abundant life. 

The unique benefit of this training program is that you become a lifetime member of the community, through which you can attend a free monthly group coaching session through Zoom. In addition to this, training also includes a 30-minute personal coaching session online where you get my full attention and focus on your current circumstances.